NHS Doctors Surgery

NHS Doctors Surgery

Reception desk and portable induction loop systems for Doctors surgeries to be DDA compliant

A reception desk induction loop system is ideal for use in doctors surgery at the reception desk.  Here a permanent loop can be installed. The system has a limited range so that it does not cause confidentiality issues. The system is very easy to install simply by fixing the pre-wired loop pad under the reception desk and connecting it to the loop amplifier. Plug in the microphone, mains adapter and you're ready to go. Please contact us for a quote to install a reception desk induction loop system.

A portable induction loop system for use in consulting rooms, with a range of one meter is invaluable when conversing with a patient wearing a hearing aid.

Both a reception desk and portable loop system(s) are required to be DDA compliant.

Reception desk induction loop suitable for:

  • receptions
  • enquiry desk

Portable induction loop suitable for:

  • consultancy rooms
  • patients' bedside

When a reception desk induction loop system is installed, people who are hearing impaired can use the hearing aid set to the 'T' position. The telecoil in the hearing aid picks up the magnetic waves produced by the loop system. A direct copy of the audio signal reaching the microphone is now 'induced' in this coil and the hearing aid converts this electrical signal back to audible sound for the wearer to hear. In this way, someone at the reception desk can clearly hear the receptionist - simply by being close to the desk.

What equipment do you need to install a reception desk induction loop system?
Induction loop amplifier, loop pad, desk top microphone and a loop listener/test unit to set up and periodically test the induction loop system.

General description for installation
The reception desk induction loop kit including induction loop amplifier, desk top microphone and loop pad can simply be fixed in the appropriate position as per the instructions.

DIY induction loop kit
Easy to follow DIY fitting instructions are included with every induction loop kit. Choosing the correct kit for your reception desk is simple.

For a complete reception desk DIY induction loop kit you need to order the appropriate:

  • induction loop amplifier
  • desk top microphone
  • loop pad
  • loop listener/test meter

Supply and installation service
Our comprehensive range of induction loop amplifiers cover most applications from simple induction loop systems to be fitted in the home - for example to hear the TV or radio better - to more powerful systems to be used in churches, church halls and village halls. In essence, the size of the room dictates the size of the amplifier required. Our range of church induction loop amplifiers cater for room sizes from 130m2up to 900m2. Certain applications, such as a conference room will include a special microphone specifically designed to pick up voices of people sitting around a large boardroom table. Please contact us for our induction loop system consultancy service.

Existing and newly installed induction loop system set up and certification
We offer a service to test any existing induction loop system.  This could be a long existing installation at a reception desk etc. or an electrical contractors new installation in a new build.  Please contact us for further details.

We supply and install a comprehensive range of induction loop, infra-red and FM radio systems. If you don't see what you need, or would like more information, please contact us or use our induction loop estimate form

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