NHS Patient Listening Device

NHS Patient Listening Device

Assistive listening device for people who are hearing impaired whist in hospital
Chatter Box is a pocket size assistive listening device (ALD's) or personal sound amplifier. It has been designed to be used as a communication device. The inbuilt microphone makes it ideal for listening to conversation and communication with staff. Using Chatter Box with headphones enables it to be used by people who are hearing impaired without the use of a hearing aid.   It is particularly useful on hospital wards for communicating with a hearing impaired patient.  The Chatter Box can be used post operation where the patient will not be wearing a hearing aid(s).

Hearing impaired people who have used Chatter Box for the first time on their visit or time in hospital have realised how much the clarity of sound is boosted to enable them to hear more clearly.  This product is particularly liked by elderly people as it is easy to use and uncomplicated.  It is a favourite on hospital wards when an elderly person has been admitted with no hearing aid (s).

Assistive listening device suitable for:

  • home/away
  • car/mobile home/caravan
  • small conference room
  • hospital/doctors surgery

Headset accessories for non hearing aid users in hospital are headphones.

When ordering the Chatter Box remember to choose the accessories you require i.e. microphone and headset(s). A battery is included to get you going.

Authorities wishing to order please send an order on official headed paper by email or post.

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Chatter Box

Chatter Box

The Chatter Box TV Assistive listening device / personal sound amplifier helps overcome hearing loss and hearing impairment..

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