About Us

A word from the proprietors : Paul Cox and Linda Cox.

Drawing on over two decade's experience of installing equipment for people with all types of hearing loss who are hearing impaired, deafened and deaf we decided in 1986 to produce our own assistive listening devices (personal sound amplifiers). We have listened carefully to the comments and criticisms of the people using the vast range of assistive devices and assistive listening devices (personal sound amplifiers), and seeing the problems and advantages of certain systems, we have now been able to develop a wide product range of products to suit all ages and needs of people with all types of hearing loss (deafened, hard of hearing and hearing impaired).

Since 1986 we have improved the quality and range of products greatly. Also we have seen the introduction of the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) which states that "service providers must make sure that staff who deal with the public are aware of deaf peoples communication needs and communicate appropriately with them".

We are supportive of the intentions of the act and we are successfully providing a consultancy, design, supply and installation service to the public sector, industry and private clients. We carry out installation work of home induction loop systems, large induction loop systems, public address systems, visual alerts for doorbell, telephone and intercom, both of our own products and a vast range of assistive devices that are available. This keeps us in touch with the "real world" and the people in it.

We supply assistive devices, assistive listening devices (ALDs), personal sound amplifiers, induction loop systems, neck loops, headphones, stethoforks, alarm clocks, body-worn amplier, smoke detector and DIY induction loop kits to local authorities, social services, hospitals, doctors surgeries, courts of law etc...

We are known to the National Deaf Children Society who have reviewed our products. Our products are on display in their well equipped Resource Room at 15 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8PD U.K.

Being a small company we at hand to give personal service and advice on assistive listening devices (personal sound amplifiers) and induction loop systems. Our specialists knowledge means - we can offer advice on overcoming the problems of hearing loss in work rest or at home.

Contact names:
Paul Cox & Linda Cox