Hotel Loop Systems

Hotel Loop Systems

Existing induction loop systems
Often we find that existing induction loop systems at reception desk or in conference  rooms located around the hotel are not working at all or not working to current standards. Some induction loop system installations are now in excess of 20 years old. During this time the loop has had a fair amount of wear and tear.  A fault could be as simple as the induction loop pad not secured in place to its original working position.

With our induction loop maintenance scheme we are able to offer a maintenance service for all existing induction loop systems. Our aim is to repair/replace all faulty equipment  and set up the loop output to the correct level to comply with standards.

What does this entail?
We will need the make and model of the existing induction loop amplifier installed in the conference room or at the reception desk in the hotel.    We will test/repair and set up the existing induction loop system.  If the existing induction loop system is beyond economical repair we can replace the faulty item whilst on site.

Technician training
When we have the induction loop system working we can train someone how to use a loop test meter. They can then test each individual induction loop system, check each component is in place and in good working order on a designated periodic basis i.e. (once a month).

Staff training
We can provide staff training on how an induction loop system works in conjunction with a hearing aid and a brief outline on deaf awareness.  This will make staff more confident when using the induction loop system and will ease communication between the staff and a person who is hearing impaired .

Induction loop testing
A meter that has loop output level indicators must be used on a periodic basis to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Induction loop maintenance or supply and installation service.
Please contact us for a quote to maintain/repair your existing induction loop system or to have a new induction loop system supplied and installed.

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