Assessment & Staff Training

Assessment & Staff Training

Assessment and Training
The Disability Discrimination Act of 2006 states that Landlords have a responsibility to carry out adaptations for people with disabilities to enable them to live safely and independently in the homes.

We are able to carry out an Assessment Service for housing authorities, housing societies, housing partnership’s, etc where the needs of people with a hearing disability are individually identified and met with the provision and/or installation of relevant equipment.  A written assessment will be provided.  The introduction of the recommended equipment will enable tenants to live safely and independently – the equipment recommended is wide ranging covering smoke alerts, carbon monoxide alerts, door, telephone and baby alerts.  As a landlord you can be confident you are meeting the requirements of the 2006 Disability Discrimination Act.

Installation and Repair Service
Deaf Awareness Technology can provide a supply and installation service for housing authorities, housing societies, housing partnerships in the Hampshire, Dorset area.  Once an order has been received this is delivered by contacting the tenant to notify them we have been asked to supply and install the equipment,  arranging the date for the installation to take place (normally within 1-4 weeks) , installing the equipment and demonstrating to the tenant how it works.  Once the job is complete the work is invoiced.  Repairs to existing equipment already installed or emergency calls are also a service we can offer with a call out charge being advised.

TRAINING COURSE FOR :  Assessment of People with a Hearing Loss
We can offer a Training Course for Occupational Therapists,  Housing Officers, Assessment Officers, Health Workers, Wardens etc on assessing the needs of people with a hearing disability.  The course covers problems and dangers faced by people with a hearing loss and how these can be overcome by the introduction of relevant equipment.   The course also gives a brief introduction to Deaf Awareness Training and participants will leave the course with a certificate.  The course will provide participants with the knowledge and framework to carry out an assessment for people with a hearing loss.    Please contact us for further details and relevant costs.

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