Appropriate PA System

Appropriate PA System

A simple public address system is well within the capability of most electrical or electronic trained individuals.

If you would like a DIY public address system for a church, village hall, meeting room etc it is quite straight forward providing you follow some basic guidelines. Below is some information that will offer you the knowledge you require to select components and install a DIY public address system.

What equipment do you need to install a public address system?
A public address amplifier, speakers, drum of speaker cable, cable clips and/or tack gun, at least one radio microphone and receiver system.  All systems are supplied with the appropriate interconnection cables free of charge.

What public address amplifier should be used?
As a guide line we would recommend the following combination of public address amplifier and speaker for the area and size of room to be covered:




25 - 50 m2

30  watt

1-2 (+ monitor if required)

50 - 100 m2

60 watt

2-3 (+ monitor if required)

100 - 180 m2

120 watt

3-4 (+ monitor if required)

180 -  250m2

240 watt

6 (+ monitor if required)

DIY public address speakers
We have three types of cabinet speakers commonly used in a typical public room, a box cabinet speaker, an interior design speaker and a small switched monitor speaker. The important thing to consider is the total wattage your speakers will present to an amplifier.  From our range of public address speakers and amplifiers we would recommended, one to two 30 watt speakers for use with the 30 watt amplifier, two to three 30 watt speakers for use with the 60 watt amplifier, three or four 30 watt speakers for use with the 120 watt amplifier, four to six speakers for use with the 120 watt amplifier.  A switched monitor speaker can be added to the public address system for use in an annex room etc.

It is useful to recognise that speakers do not need to be set to their maximum setting and may in fact be too loud even when tapped down to a lower setting. Our speaker range has volume tappings to enable you to adjust a particular speaker level to suit the location. Our range of public address amplifiers are rated at 30, 60, 120 and 240 Watts. You need to use an amplifier than will run with some in reserve for future expansion and in any event, it is good practice to keep an amplifier loaded between 80-90% for greater reliability. Presumably you will need at least one radio microphone for making an announcement, maybe more. Our range of public address amplifiers have multiple inputs available for up to three microphones and one or two music inputs (radio, CD, iPod etc).

What microphone should be used?
See: Info and Services > Appropriate Microphone

General description for installation
The public address kit including public address amplifier, radio microphone(s) speakers and speaker cable can simply be surface mounted.

DIY public address kit
Easy to follow DIY fitting instructions is included with every public address kit. Choosing the correct kit for your venue is simple. First of all you will need to know the size of the area to have a public address system. 

Then choose the appropriate:

  • public address amplifier
  • drum of speaker cable with clips
  • hand held and/or tie clip radio microphone system including connection lead
  • optional extra - a tack gun for installing the loop cable to any wooden or similar surface

To help you choose the correct microphone for your venue use please our guide: Info and Services > Appropriate Microphone

To purchase a radio microphone for your public address system, go to: Microphones > Radio Microphones

Supply and installation service
Before contacting us for our supply and installation service have a look around your building and draw a simple sketch with measurements and details of the following.

  • length and width of the floor area to have the PA
  • position and size of a stage (if present)
  • ceiling height and type
  • door positions
  • position for PA equipment
  • available mains sockets

For our supply and installation service complete our PA estimate form to send us the information of the room details, your contact details and some photographs of the venue.  We can then send an estimate by email.

We supply and install a comprehensive range of induction loop, infra-red and FM radio systems. If you don't see what you need, or would like more information, please contact us or use our induction loop estimate form


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