Deaf Smoke Alarm

Deaf Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarm system for people who are hearing impaired or deaf

The mains smoke alarm is supplied complete with a compact wall or table mounted control unit with integral high powered flashing beacon, a pillow vibrating pad and a ceiling mounted smoke detector. The unit is complete and ready to install.

The small mains powered control unit has a sealed rechargeable battery back-up, automatically kept in fully charged condition in case of mains power failure.

The smoke detector is powered from the control unit. The system is completely independent of replacement batteries. All connections are permanently monitored to ensure that the system is operating correctly.

The control unit has a high powered flashing beacon for day and night time warning, and a pillow or mattress vibrator pad to awaken sleepers during alarm conditions.

When the smoke detector senses smoke both the vibrator pad and flashing beacon operate to give early warning of smoke hazard.

The test button can be used on a daily basis to ensure that the unit is fully operational.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The mains smoke alarm is very simple to install with a well labelled front panel making it simple to operate and test. It is a small, compact, fully monitored system operating on low safe voltages throughout. There is an installation on/off switch to isolate the unit during installation or if required after fitting.
  • The unit comes fully assembled for easy installation. All terminals are readily accessible should any layout modifications be required.
  • The system and wiring are continuously self-monitored. The unit will go into alarm condition should a fault in the wiring occur (short or open).
  • The mains power supply is continuously monitored. The green "mains on" indicator light will go to a warning red should the mains fail. The permanently recharged back up battery will then continue to safely power the unit.
  • The sealed battery back-up is automatically maintained in a fully charged condition and will continue to fully power the unit during a mains power failure.
  • There is a built in 'low battery' test to monitor the condition of the battery during normal testing.
  • A test button is fitted to fully test the safe operation of the system including the beacon and vibrator.
  • The smoke detector is produced to BS 5446 Pt 1990. The unit plugs into a standard three pin mains power supply and conforms to British Standard 415 (1990).
  • The unit is supplied with a powerful vibrating pad for use under a pillow and a high intensity flashing beacon to give alarm warning during day and night-time use.
  • Both output sockets are locking giving permanent and secure connection to the unit. The first socket is monitored to ensure proper installation at all times.
  • Full installation instructions are supplied with each unit.
  • The unit is very compact 3.5 x 6 x 2.3 inches for surface or wall mounting.

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